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Paw Paw Youth Instructional Rules

- Game length is five (5) innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes, whichever comes first, coaches must be aware of time - try to play full innings so both teams get an equal number of chances at bat before time limit is reached. 
- Only the players and coaches are allowed in the dugout & field during the game
- Two adult coaches allowed on field
- Coaches umpire games

- If lightning is sighted the game must stop. If the weather clears, the game may resume
- No jewelry is to be worn during games.
- No smoking/drinking or pets are allowed on the property.
- Coaches are responsible for their players and fans conduct during the game. Any display of temper or intimidation will not be tolerated. Any swearing or other un-sportsmanlike conduct will be cause for immediate ejection from the park facility.
- The home team is identified on the schedule and will occupy the third base dugout
- In case of an injury to a player, "time" will be called immediately by the coach(es) to tend to the injured player. Once the injured player has been dealt with play resumes.

- Only the batter who is up and the on-deck batter are allowed to be swinging bats at any time in and around the dugout
- Helmets are required to be worn by all offensive players when outside of the dugout
- The season begins with the blue Louisville Slugger machines (please do not change the setting on these machines.) If available you will switch to the Jugs machines halfway through the season. T's will not be used.
- 6 pitches per batter or 3 strikes. First 3 pitches from Louisville Slugger machine and, if necessary, 3 coach pitches.
- No sliding into first base (unless to avoid a collision)
- No throwing bats
- No stealing
- No leading off
- No bunting
- 1 base on an overthrow
- 5 run rule per inning then team switches (unless 3 outs)

- A helmet with a face mask must be worn by the defensive player in the pitcher position.
- Teams are not required to have a player at catcher. However if they choose to, the child playing catcher must wear all protective equipment (please contact equipment coordinator for access to equipment: [email protected]) player must also purchase their own protective cup and wear it while playing the possition.
- 8 defensive players (Unless a catcher is used then a team may field 9 players)
- No infield fly rule

Softball T-Ball Specific Rules
- All players on defense must wear a face mask

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