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Paw Paw Youth Baseball & Softball

Paw Paw Youth Baseball & Softball


Paw Paw Youth T-Ball Rules

What to expect this season:

T-ball is designed to get athletes used to the basic rules of baseball and softball such as batting, how innings work and positions played

T-ball works with kids ages 4 & 5.

Each game will be either 3 full innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes whichever happens first.

The season will run from mid April to late June.  Practices will be held once a week, starting mid to late April

Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and fans during the game.

          **No foul language or unsportsmanlike behavior, drinking, smoking or pets will be allowed on the property. Failure to follow the rules will result in ejection from the game, whether it is a player, fan or coach



If a game or practice is to be cancelled due to flooding or weather before the practice or game has started coaches and parents will be advised by text, email and the Facebook page.

If the game or practice has already started play will be delayed 30 minutes each time thunder is heard or lightning is spotted.


Player requirements:

  • No jewelry allowed during games.
  • Athletes should wear their uniform to every game (hat, shirt, pants, shoes)

Paw Paw Youth T-ball will provide:

  • a team shirt
  • bats
  • helmets
  • balls
  • hat


Players will need to purchase:

-         Sweatpants or baseball pants (NO shorts)

-         Shoes should be closed toe sneakers or cleats (no metal cleats)

-         Players will need to purchase a glove

-         Softball players will also need to purchase a softball mask to be worn while fielding

-         Players may choose to purchase a bat (must have USA BASEBALL sticker on the bat - this is for baseball bats ONLY)

-         Players may choose to purchase a helmet



At this level games will always be in Paw Paw at the T-BALL field (first field on right when entering the complex).

Games are held Monday – Thursday. Makeup games may be scheduled on Fridays if necessary.

The HOME team will be identified on the schedule…this team will be in the third base dugout.

Two adult coaches are allowed on the field

-the coach of the batting team will be in catcher position of the field to assist athletes with their swing and to place the baseballs on the tee

- the coach of the pitching team will be placed on the field wherever needed.

Only players and coaches should be in the dugout/ on the field.

If there is an injury to a player the COACH will call “TIME” in order to attend to the player. Once the player is deemed okay the game will resume.



-         Every child bats one time per inning

-         Helmets are required to be worn by any athlete outside the dugout on the offensive (hitting) team.

-         The batter swings until a playable ball is hit, the batter then runs to first base and stops.

-         The last child in the lineup hits the ball, all runners (including the last batter) run around bases which ends the inning.

-         At the halfway mark of the season, if agreed upon prior to the start of the game by both coaches they can choose to do the “3 then tee” rule.

o   This allows the coach to pitch 3 times to an athlete, if the ball is not hit then the athlete will use the tee.


Please keep in mind at this level of play the athletes cannot:

o   Slide to any base

o   Throw bats

o   Steal bases

o   Lead off of a base

o   Bunt

o   Take extra bases on an overthrow



-         all children play

-         a helmet with a face mask must be worn by the pitcher

-         when the ball is hit, it should always be thrown to first base

-         no infield fly rule





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